Gamespot – The Sims Medieval Exclusive Hands-On: Kingdoms, Heroes, & Everything Else


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At first, your kingdom’s monarch is the only character available for play, but you can at least choose to play as a pre-built character or to use Medieval’s create-a-sim mode to make a new one. As we’ve mentioned previously, Medieval’s create-a-sim mode is entirely different than what we’ve seen in previous games, and it comes loaded with all-new sets of clothing and hairstyles better suited to a Middle Ages-era game, including ornate armor sets, wizardly robes, and all manner of winsome new ladies’ hairstyles. Medieval has a modified version of The Sims 3’s trait system that lets you choose two personality traits (from a list of 21) and a fatal flaw (from a different list of 21) to add to your character. While Sims 3 favorites like evil, good, and excitable make their return to the traits list, there are plenty of new traits, like adventurous (becomes happier when seeking offscreen adventure) and “whale ate my parents,” which is just what it sounds like. Fatal flaws include personality blemishes like “insecure” and “cowardly,” as well as baser issues like “compulsive gambler” (which will detract from your character’s focus if you don’t step up to the gambling table every now and then) and “bloodthirsty” (which will make you less focused if you don’t challenge someone to a fistfight or a duel sometime soon).

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