AG: On that note, are there any elements that reflect the human hardships of medieval times? Like plagues, famine and slavery etc, or do you just try to keep to the more family friendly, romantic notion of the era?

Rachel: We try to keep family-friendly although there are definitely going to be plagues and diseases. We thought religious conflict was and important part of the middle-ages too, which is why we have two religions – if you want to play with them – that compete. Execution seems to have been an important part of being a monarch in the middle-ages – being able to have someone executed. We don’t have their heads cut off or burned at the stake though, we have our own way of executing them. We throw them into a pit, where this fantasy type of beast lives.

Normally what happens is your king would send someone into the pit, then someone would come and arrest them and force them to jump in. So we do have a lot of the dark things, but we take sort of a more humorous approach to it – more like Monty Python, it was dark, but it was funny.

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