After a month of waiting (as the event was held on February 21st), SimsCri was finally allowed to post their coverage on The Sims Medieval!  Check out their 7 page report here!

As highly anticipated during the last weeks, we attended a special event about The Sims Medieval in Milan, on February 21st.  Finally, we can now publish our full coverage of the showcase, and we really hope you will like it as much as we enjoyed writing it 🙂

First off, let’s make a brief recap for those who missed our first impression’s article. EA Italy held a small hands-on event for a few Italian sites, that took place in their studios in Milan. The game was introduced by executive producer Rachel Bernstein and marketing director Aaron Cohen. We attended the event together with Daniela from DanielaSims, Simone from MondoSims , Giuseppe from the official forum and Luca from Angel Production. We thank again Liliana (aka Eden from Edenstyle, who was also present at the event) and the whole EA staff for organizing this preview.

Catch the full article at SimsCri Medieval!


  1. Thanks for this Jud! Cool review – especially the small mention of ‘Free Time’ play being kinda like a sandbox mode… Granted this was back in Feb and could have been changed by now, but if it still stands that’s made the game a little more interesting for me, lol…


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