LOL, this is pretty pathetic.  Another poor review of The Sims 3 for 3DS – this time by GamePro

Presentation and a lack of polish are further notable offenders here, as the in-game characters, items, and buildings have a rough, jagged look to them; and while the 3D effect adds light depth to the world, it tends to accentuate the eyesores. The inconsistent frame rate on the top screen occasionally chugs to laughable extent, which is surprising considering how little detail exists in the world. When you enter the diner, you’re left staring at the outside of the restaurant; but if you zoom in — and you’ll have to frequently babysit the camera to avoid obstructed views — you’ll just see an empty space where the booths and entrees should be. And for some reason, when you return home from a visit to town, the clock rewinds back to when you left in the first place, screwing up your Sim’s needs schedule in the process. How did something like that make it through QA?

1-1/2 out of 5 stars