Now that the game has been released here in the States, YouTube will begin to become flooded with gameplay videos.  So I’ll need to start picking which are the best ones to showcase for those that won’t be able to get the game until later in the week (or even next week for some).


  1. Apart from the “Doing the laundry” video (she’s not doing anything really, is she?!) all these are great! I especially like the ones with simbots in them.
    Thank you for going to the trouble of sorting through the myriad of Sims gameplay videos already out there… 🙂
    Still a few days to go until I get my game from…

  2. Oh my gravy-whiskers, if there’s anything more awesome than a SimBot I don’t know what it is!

    Thanks for gathering these together. The one where the robot’s eating the pipes made me chuckle. xD


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