Get ready for a slew of reviews for The Sims 3 Ambitions now that the game has officially been released.  The site will be flooded with them for the next week 🙂

When it came to making a house, I was kinda disappointed by the lack of new objects there were. Granted there was the tattoo chair, Sculpting Base and the Inventors Bench. But there wasn’t much in the way of furniture or exterior items such as windows etc. I suppose this was due to the fact that this expansion pack was concentrating more on the Career side of The Sims rather than the “Residential” side.

But anyway, enough of my ranting, overall a really good game, good tips that pop up in the corner to tell you about various things such as the new community lots and laundry and of course, the most important thing, being able to actually go to work with your Sims and help them climb the career ladder.

Disorder Magazine – The Sims 3 Ambitions review