sent a representative to EA Russia’s offices the other day for some hands-on time on The Sims 3 Ambitions.  Their report is online and now can be read – translated via google translate (which I know does a horrible job, but I cannot help that :P)

All acquainted, eat, chat and …. with us they took receipt of non-disclosure of data on the careers of the inventor and Ghostbusters. So I do not whisper, I will only say that we have hinted that the career of the inventor of the most interesting and far-reaching possibilities of development and continue in the future. In general, prospective )))))) But more about them not a word we played, talked, told us a couple of interesting facts about future products EA (about them later) and gave gifts. How without them! ) Notepad, shirt, sticker and scarf)

And now that the same, actually, we have learned. The most important thing – for me was the discovery that the Sims 3 you can play in 3D !!!!!! Using special glasses, and device, which they are connected to a computer. This is fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very nicely !!!!!!!! Barely out of touch with views of the city and went to the game.

I will say at once that I liked the game !!!!!! Very Good !!!!!! And this despite the fact that the Sims 3, I treated a little skeptical, swore a few times, and it seemed like “a little! – This is not The Sims 2 I do not like to see Sims 3 is more beautiful, detailed, brushed Sims 2. And I expected from him that will take the micro world of Sim with cats, dogs, children, interests, games, seedlings of tomatoes, sun beds and tidy buns and will take into the world to get acquainted with their neighbors. And I felt some disappointment, realizing that half of the most beloved podrasteryali on the road. After playing in his career, I understood. It’s just completely different. Another game. Well, let !!!!! And I was curious. I wonder what it will eventually, in what will unfold this new universe, on which we planted developers.

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