Passing this out for the readers as The Sims Community’s VRevis wrote a lengthy article on Examiner about the psychology behind The Sims.  Love it, she pretty much nails the point about why the game – and community – is as great as it is (yeah, I may of reworded that wrong, but you catch my drift):

“There is an incredible community that has developed from this game”

Although the game itself is a one-person-game, one point most can agree on is the benefit of the community surrounding the game. The Sims community is huge, with forums on the official sites, and many smaller forums and websites across the world. People develop true friendships that go beyond game-discussion.

When asked on Simbology, a site dedicating to modding the Sims 2 game, “what keeps you coming back to the Sims game?”, many were quick to bring up the community aspect.  “If you’re a Sims player, there are so many sites to join, participate in and have fun with. The spirit of the ‘community’ is something really special, and I don’t think it has been duplicated with any other game quite as much. We’re like our own little neighborhood, and everyone knows each other pretty well.”. Another states, ” You can be a part of a real community; friends that help with your problems – be it  gameplay, pc (or mac, etc) and any part of your offline life you want to share.”

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