The official Sims 3 site has added unlockable community badges for your profile page if you happen to meet or pass one of these items:

Not only that, but Sims 3 Nieuws pointed out three other badges dealing with how many friends your profile has:

Thanks to reader Umi_and_Alter for the tip!

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Are these applied retroactively? I (somehow :P) got featured last September for something I made, but I see no badge on my profile…


I too passed many of these, I guess they have yet to give us badges for those who met the requirements.

As for the download – they launched prematurely and took the download down. It’ll be back – hopefully today at the very latest. The Renault one is up and running, so hopefully this means the Toyota one will be today.


How to get my badges?
I’m already featured and I have more than 100 recommendations….