Those who are wondering…why yes, the Renault is specifically for European countries, anyone can still download it via the following link.  I just did and it worked for me 😀  Thanks to Sims 3 Nieuws for letting us know about it!

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yay! i got it too!!


Awesome – Thanks!

I picked up the Toyota Eco pack yesterday, but I’d much rather have the Renault Pack.


The launcher says that the charging station is installed, however I notice it’s a Build Mode object and there’s no category for it, so it’s inaccessible.


I agree with tea and blues. I have been searched for it in build mode, but could not find it. Could anyone help us out? Thanks.


I missed my chance to get it…
But this pack looks cool! Can’t wait to get it when it officially comes out.


I read on MATY that the charging station is under community items, so you can only put it on community lots, and that it is huge.


I found it. It is just a decoration. It is inside the Community Objects during Edit Town mode. But, it looks really neat and also in the video at Sims 3.


The car is decorative? My car don’t walk = (


Thank goodness for not having limits on where you can change your country to be on 🙂 Looks like an awesome car, and I’m so gonna download it (even though I live in the USA). A lot of people from US and Canada have been complaining about it not being for us, but that’s just stupid. We generally get everything. We’re starting to become spoiled brats (those of us that DO complain, anyways). I think it’s great for Europe to get an offer like this 🙂


Question? I am able to download it successfully, and all… but when I try to install it the installer crashes, and it doesn’t respond. So any help is appreciated so I too can enjoy these goodies in my game.

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