Did you manage to grab the ECO Pack that was up on The Sims 3 website the other day?  If you haven’t, don’t worry – it’ll be back soon as it looks as if it was released prematurely (those wanting now should check out the comments in the EVP post for alternate links).  Both Sims 3 Nieuws and Sims.miXei.ru grabbed a few screens from the pack.  You may not be able to understand the descriptions, but it’ll give you a clear idea on what you’ll get when you download them.

sims3nieuws132 sims3nieuws133 sims3nieuws134 sims3nieuws136 sims3nieuws137 34340E0B0BDF-2 A5EDFE9C91A3-2 BC6E80C4E62E-2 BE99C9F4446C-2 CCA762683ED1-2 C841F6156875-2 26F076CCD046-2 89B621A2134A-2