Love this video which is filled with many different Superheroes – even the kids from Kick-Ass, President Obama, Conan O’ Brian and many more.  Even though Iron Man 2 doesn’t hit theaters til May 7th, enjoy this sneak peek.

Kudos to SimWay for uploading it on the ‘Tube


  1. At 1:32 isn’t that our new town, Twinbrook?

    I see our new bridge and the hospital that was shown in the doctor picture we had last week.

  2. To LoveGTAandSims, I don’t think Servo’s can actually fly… it’s just a video. It says that the video does not necessarily depict real gameplay.

  3. Yeah obviously Servos can’t fly…. You could see a lot of hairs/clothes that’s either from Ambitions or future store sets (How I hate 1 word EPS because you can’t abbreviate well!)

  4. Yes, that is our new servo. And we will have O’brain up for download as well as these simified characters via the release of Ambitions. And make sure to tune in at 8pm Central time on ustream as We show you in dempth gameplay of the sims 3 ambitions.


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