First off, let me give reader Nate a huge, huge thanks for sending me an email about this.  He brought to my attention that the official Sims 3 site is gearing up (meaning it’s not ready to download yet at the time of this post) to release the Renault (Europe and surrounding countries) and Toyota (US and surrounding countries) Electric Vehicle Pack!  After doing a little digging, I found the two pictures from the set:

The Eco Pack’s description is the following:

Now your Sims can be environmentally conscience and reduce their bills with the new Toyota ECO Pack. Download the Toyota Prius, Windmill, Solar Panels, and all new plant life today!

or for Europe:

Now your Sims can be environmentally conscience and reduce their bills with the new Renault ECO Pack. Download the Renault Twizy Z.E, Windmill, Solar Panels, and all new plant life today!



  1. So Europe gets a cool new car while we get a Toyota prius that was released like 6 months ago??? Lame……

    Can anyone tell what the additional object that Europe is? The pics too small

    • Big pic is possibly the Renault Charging Station. I wouldn’t worry to much, we should be able to change the Sims 3 Homepage to English (UK) and download it from the Store that way – I hope, anyhow.

  2. That would be ironic if the Toyota Prius started to accelerate out of the random and your sims could crash and die. I don’t care if I’m being to harsh, but Toyota doesn’t deserve any respect after what happened. I would much rather get the Twizzy.

    • LOL Nice one, Simsfreak. I guess this is why they plan on including the hospital and the Doctor career within Ambitions. A whole lot of hurt/injured Sims are going to need attention!

  3. Haha Judhudson, I completely agree! Thanks for not taking my comment the wrong way =P By the way, I wonder if they’ll include ambulances in this expansion? LOL
    And one more thing Judhudson, I love your site.! Your site is the #1 spot for getting the best, newset, simfastic information. I must applaud you for your hard work 🙂 And remember me, I’m the person who won that one Halloween contest with Amelia Goth 🙂 I also added a new topic discussing some pictures from the trailer. Its called a Cornucopia of Images.
    And one more thing, do you have a sims 3 account? If so, I will be more than happy to add you as a friend 😉
    Cheers Sims Style, Simsfreak711

  4. Huh. All the links go to a page that says “The item you’re trying to access is unavailable.” The first link seemed to work except for the fact that the pic doesn’t show, but once I clicked on the download link, it said something about a system error. Are these not supposed to be released yet?

  5. Jeez, why can’t we get that cool car?  Many of us already have the Toyota.  I hate when they do this.  I wish all items were available worldwide and not just specific regions (including those only for us but not for others).  Either way, I tried to download it for the other items and it gave me a system error; I have to try again later.  Normally if it says “free” in the link, it’ll let me download.  I at least want those solar panels if I can’t get that damn Power Wheel.

  6. So is this Prius exactly the same as the one they released awhile back, then? That’s lame. I hope someone will be nice and share the .Sims3Pack file for the Renault car. Just because I’m not familiar with it doesn’t mean my sims can’t have it. They live in a much smaller town than I do, so that kind of vehicle would work for them.

    • “the official Sims 3 site is gearing up (meaning it’s not ready to download yet at the time of this post) to release the Renault (Europe and surrounding countries)”

      Missed this line 😉

  7. Haha, great. Finally, we get something more than the US!

    And lool @ “Not only that, but Europe gets one extra item. That’s bullocks! :(“. You guys get a lot more than us!

  8. Here’s some links:…uctId=OFB-SIM3:21326

    Can anyone get the Renault version to work? I can only get the Toyota version to work even when I switch my location to the UK.

  9. I’m guessing that they can’t do world wide releases because of branding and stuff like that

    That would be so funny for the prius to go out of control! (No offense intended)

  10. With them re-releasing the Toyota for those of us in the states, I’m wondering if they’ve added some code to it so that it affects our sims bills like the Twizy does. I’d hope so, otherwise it is pretty lame to have us download it again.

  11. Wait, so I can’t download that cool blue car because I’m in the US? Or did EA just releae two different cars to appeal to each side? I’d really like the blue car!! 😀

  12. You’re right, you can’t download the blue care because you are in the US. The blue car is being marketed at Europe and other locations around the world because that is where the company that is making the car will be selling it. The US and Canada gets the Prius because it is marketed over here.

  13. Yes that one time that Prius accellerated that one time and no one could figure out why that would have happened that one time they probably put that in the game since it happens all the time and it’d be funny

  14. I have the Toyota set on my desktop. I managed to download it without any problems but trying to figure out what to do about the old one. (>_>)

  15. I hope that on the website it says “environmentally conscious”, not “environmentally conscience” 😉

    Otherwise, EA needs to get better proofreaders!

    • Ahh bummer, I can’t download it now either 🙁 Oh well, I’m sure it’ll be back soon and once it is, this post will be resurrected.

      And LOL at Srikandi – as much as I give EA a hard time, I can’t really fault them for bad spelling…I have no room to talk 😛

  16. I was able to download them when they up for the short time and I tried them out in game. When you buy a solar panel you get a pop up that says “Each solar panel reduces bills by 0.02%, effect up to 10 panels” and when you buy a windmill you get a pop up that says “Each wind turbines reduces bills by 0.04%, effect up to 5 turbines”

    After you’ve bought them you are able to click on them in game to view them, and you then get a pop up telling you how much money they’ve saved you on your bills so far.

    The plants are nice, but would only look right in a modern home.

    I don’t know if the Prius helps lower your bills, I didn’t get a pop up or anything when I bought it, but that could have to do with the fact I already had it installed. Either that or they didn’t make it lower your bills any. I wonder if the Twizy will lower your bills.

  17. I now have both packs. I think I’ll just install the UK version since I’m pretty sure there’s no difference between the Eco Pack Prius and the one I downloaded a few months ago.

  18. I kinda wish they just included ALL the eco-items with the Twizzy. I already have the Prius alone, and I don’t want to double-download. I guess I’ll just delete one file when it finishes.

  19. i downloaded the euro versiion but i can’t find the solar pannels or the charging station, i think im over looking it…

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