“I think the Wii is a very unique platform, and that’s kind of its core value. That’s why it’s been so successful – because it’s pretty clearly different than the Xbox or the PlayStation. I think the Wii provides very fun experiences for the most part, but it’s kind of a different level of experience; it’s not like these 40-hour involved RPG games as much as it is like these fun toys to pick up and start playing in five minutes. And it’s really fun with a group of people sitting around… It really is more into what I would call the toy market, because most of the Wii games I’ve enjoyed felt more like toys than like games,” he stated.

I can’t count how many of my co-workers own Wii’s and treat them more like a toy than a video game console.  The only games they talk about is Wii Sports and Wii Play…outside of those two games, I don’t even think they know what I’m referring to when I say ‘Legend of Zelda’ or ‘Super Mario Bros.’  In my opinion, I think Will may be right on this matter.  In the end, I don’t suppose it matters…as long as they are enjoying themselves and I have something I can relate to I’m cool with it.

IndustryGamers – GDC 10: Wii Belongs In Toy Market, says Will Wright