Poor Japan, they have been waiting to get their hands on EA’s Spore Hero for the Wii and DS due to the amount of time it takes to localize the game for their region.  Have no worries, the game should be out for release during the first week of April.  Here are your boxarts for both versions along with screens.  You can also check out the trailers at the official site (which won’t let me embed here).

Thanks to reader Jucimar for sending me a note!

DS Screens

c_l1268161369_10 c_l1268161369_11 c_l1268161369_16 c_l1268161369_21 c_l1268161369_20 c_l1268161369_15

Wii Screens

c_l1268161369_30 c_l1268161369_31 c_l1268161369_35 c_l1268161369_36 c_l1268161369_40 c_l1268161369_41