Whoa, there are a number of great creations sent in for the Spore Pi Day Challenge!  My pick to win is the Wheel of Fortune, but I also love the Grox one as well.  Who do you think should win?  Vote here!

Voting: The top 4 creations will be featured and the top rated adventure will be featured. If there’s a tie, Maxis will be the tiebreaker and choose our favorite.

Vote by 11:20 AM PST 3/12.

1. Blueberry Pie By Jonathanjj55jj
2. History of Pi By Acheron55
3. Pi By 321drew123
4. pi nomer By Loppynutjob
5. Pi By techno605

6. Pi 3-142 By Vektrix
7. Pi Oven By codyr2391
8. Cutie Pi By _Mark_
9. The Power of Pi By delayedreaction
10. The Greatest Pi Ever By sarcosuchus

11. The Complexity of Pi By Stultus11
12. Ping By ComTek
13. Wheel of the pi By Berbert77
14. Spectral Pi By Chaoskampfkeks
15. Sir Cumference vs THE PIE By Quaizor

16. Super Ultra Pi Tribute By Phenotypical_1 (Adventure)
17. π-Race By yjulixz (Adventure)
18. KDC_Pi(e) By Rantalia (Adventure)