Well you can pick him up over at Mod The Sims as EsmeraldaF brought him to life for your Sims 3 game!  Special thanks to Umi for mentioning this to me!

Servo will be found in the Adult Male section of the Sim Bin, with a default name of ‘Servo Male’. If you want a female Servo, simply change his gender to female and go to the female Hat Hair section to find the head. The body, should it turn up missing in your game and you need to re-apply it, is in the Full Outfit section of CAS for both males and females, and for all categories from Everyday to Swimwear. The same goes for the head, which is in Hat Hairs for both genders and is enabled for all outfit categories.

The body is also enabled for Elders, in case you play Story Progression and your servo becomes an Elder. Please note that if you change your Servo to female or if he/she becomes an Elder, you will need to change all footwear for all outfits to Barefoot – otherwise, for reasons I have absolutely NO idea of, the texture from the shoes will appear on the robot’s back and arms! Changing footwear to barefoot will get rid of the spurious texture.

Traits: Green Thumb, Handy, Natural Cook, Neat, Never Nude

Please note that your servo MUST have the Never Nude trait in order for his/her head and body to stay on when bathing – otherwise he/she will turn into a human with blue skin and a very skinny head, not a pretty sight. You can change the other traits if you like, but they are the best traits if you want your Servo to behave like a Servo.

As well as doing chores, Servos also like to have a bit of fun – they enjoy chatting about science and their favourite foods, and are not averse to a little dance occasionally.

The body and head are both recolourable/patternable, separately. So if you feel you really must inflict indignities on your Servo such as the pic at the far right below, you can do so. And finally, at the end of the day, they like a nice hot shower followed by plenty of WD40 and then straight to bed to dream little robot dreams.


  1. I never had a Servo before, not in TS2, so I was just wondering, if i put this in my Sims 3 game, it will act and behave and know it is a Servo, right? Or will it just be another Sim?

  2. Thanks for your comments, this is the creator of the ‘servo’ sim. It is just another sim, with the traits necessary to make it a good housekeeper, which make it look very convincing!

  3. Oh ok! Well thank you for answering me Jud and EsmeraldaF! By the way, VERY nice creation EsmeraldaF!! I love it when ever something from past Sims games are brought back to life with TS3! Thanks! 😀


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