Man, just when I’ve started to lighten up and give credit for The Sims team doing a good job, they just have to revert right back to their wicked ways.  Just about every single one of us uses their Exchange to upload content.  From Sims, houses, families, patterns, movies…basically every single piece of content can be uploaded to download.  Guess EA is too cheap to consider getting a bigger server.  SimGuruPopTart steps forth and releases a statement about their new Exchange Policy they have put into effect:

We’ve been receiving a lot of great content uploaded to our Exchange and Movies & More. To make sure the items stay fresh we’ve implemented a culling script that will remove older items. For those of you who are not familiar with culling – it is when uploads, Stories and Movies are automatically removed from the Exchange and Movies & More when they do not do well (not getting enough downloads and recommendations).The more Recommends and Downloads you have, the better. Exchange uploads, Stories, and Movies will be subject to culling after 2 weeks if it does not do well. Searching for content will be easier with culling turned on and awesome uploads will have even more of a chance to shine.

If an Exchange item, Story, or Movie is Featured, it will never be culled.

Thanks again for sharing your creativity with the rest of the community, and Keep creating fabulous content to get those downloads, views and recommendations in!

What is this?  So if a Simmer has bad luck and creates something that they think it means the world to them, and it doesn’t get enough recommendations, it’ll be deleted?  That’s not a way to handle things at all :/  Why not delete the many duplicates that are posted or stolen creations?  The exchange is the most popular place to get stuff for your game…So if you work hard on a new lot and it does not meet their quota, they plan to wipe it?  That stinks!  I guess we can say goodbye to any of our custom avatars at the forums…

I guess everyone will have to start looking for other sites to upload their creation to.