I’m not speaking about myself but of Kraid over at Destructoid.  He published an article earlier today about how SimCity 3000 introduced him to Jazz and how he became a fan of the genre.   While I do find the music of SimCity 3000 to be enjoyable, I can’t really say I have the same opinion.  I don’t mind Jazz but it isn’t something I care to listen to all the time.

Ten years ago I bought one of my favorite games of all time. I still play SimCity 3000 Unlimited every now and then like any other classics in my collection. Creating huge metropolis, challenging myself with weird urban designs and landscapes, I’ve always been fascinated by Will Wright’s series from the very beginning. One of the best aspects of the game however is the music, vilely infused with pure post Hard-Bop era smooth-jazz and some cool New Age Electronica.

It took me a long time however to finally realize that I had this secret love for Jazz. Prior to two or three years ago I had no idea who John Coltrane or Miles Davis were yet at the same time I knew these songs and rhymns. I was familiar with the specific era of which I am now a huge devoted fan.

Destructoid – How SimCity 3000 made me fall in love with Jazz