A portion of a review by Cinema Blend:

The elevator and the hot tub! Both of these items have yet to be introduced into The Sims 3 and I think it would’ve been great to build a loft that had an indoor hot tub and definitely an elevator. In fact, I’m willing to go as far as to say that those two items would easily justify the $20 price tag on this pack. Not that the aquarium, electric guitar and vibrating bed aren’t great but for for those of us who get frustrated trying to incorporate stairs into our floorplans, the elevator in Sims 2 was always a great convenience. And the hot tub was great for socializing. Without those two items, I’m on the fence. It’s not that I’m not satisfied with most of what’s offered in the pack, but the price still feels a bit high. Perhaps my thoughts on that are skewed a bit after familiarizing myself with the online store that EA offers Sims 3 players.

Sims 3 High loft Stuff Pack impressions by Cinema Blend