I’ve been a slacker…I am pretty good at keeping up with the latest news in the Sims community, but very bad in keeping track of the latest programs.  While on Mod The Sims I came across 5 programs that I’ve yet to add to our programs section.  I’ll add their information below.

The Skininator
Source: Mod The Sims
Copyright: CmarNYC

2/6/10 - Five 'Sims 3' programs added

Non-default replacement skins for the Sims 3 are here. This is a small program to create the necessary support files and package them with your modified skins, all ready to be put in the game.

A couple of sample screens are below. The process is pretty simple: give your new skin a name and decide if it’s a non-standard/fantasy skin (like blue or green). If you’re using a new color ramp (the color gradient applied over the skin), select it along with the corresponding png thumbnail ramp. Load up the skin files you’ve modifed. Anything you don’t import into Skininator will use the game default. Then click the button to save your new skin package.

Since a new skin may involve dozens of files, you can save your project and reopen it later.

Source: Mod The Sims
Copyright: CmarNYC

2/6/10 - Five 'Sims 3' programs added

This program is a tool to make new morphs for body meshes and new CAS sliders for faces.


  • Accepts morph meshes and converts them to BGEO files containing the morph information.
  • Creates the necessary supporting files to use new morphs in the game.
  • Edits clothing packages to import the new morph and link it correctly.
  • Creates packages for sliders.
  • Has help screens with brief instructions for the basic tasks.

What it does not do:

  • Does not create morph meshes. Use Milkshape with Wes Howe’s plugins for that: Download here.
  • Only runs on Windows.

Sims 3 Log Generator
Source: Mod The Sims
Copyright: ShanOw

2/6/10 - Five 'Sims 3' programs added

The log generator can be used by game help and support people and everyday players to help find out exactly whats wrong with there Sims 3 game.

Information it lists:

  • Game settings
  • PC Hardware/Software + configuration
  • Installed Custom Contents
  • Check if Caches are present
  • Checks for Awesomeware location
  • Game Version
  • External Game Options
  • Resource.cfg file locations
  • Correctly installed package framework

Using this tool you can determine:

  • Whether the users hardware is sufficient
  • Whether the game supports the users graphics card
  • Whether package framework is correctly installed
  • Whether it is a game setting that is causing isssues
  • What Custom Content they have installed

Sims 3 Dashboard
Source: Mod The Sims
Copyright: Delphy

2/6/10 - Five 'Sims 3' programs added

It’s basically designed to let people easily clear the cache and identify problem content.

This tool has 4 main tasks:

  • To easily show you which games you have, whether or not they have a full framework, and to browse to that games root folder.
  • To show you the contents of the Sims 3 cache files, and clear them
  • To show you all of your custom content in .package format, and display any “corrupted” files, or Sims 2 content, or stuff that just plain wont work.
  • To fix any problems with corrupted files, empty files, generally broken files, and allow you to fix conflicts yourself

2/6/10 - Five 'Sims 3' programs added

Sims 3 Framework Installer
Source: Mod The Sims
Copyright: Delphy

2/6/10 - Five 'Sims 3' programs added

This tool is a replacement for the Sims 3 Framework installer part of the Helper Monkey program. It only checks and sets up the Framework to enable you to use .package file custom content with your TS3 games. It does not in any way help you to actually install that content. It is only a framework installer.