The Sims allows you to play God to townspeople, but the flip side is that you’re also playing the role of an omnipresent voyeur. You watch your Sims as they shower, use the bathroom and even have sex. Granted, you don’t actually get to see any nudity or the sex itself, but for those unable to use their vivid imaginations to fill in the blanks, someone created a nude patch. Now weirdoes get to fulfill their fantasies of watching Barbie dolls bathe, dry their hair and then frolic in the bed sheets.

I think having The Sims on this list is a bit of a stretch, don’t you think? I can understand a few choices – BMX XXX, Dead or Alive, Bayonetta…What about the Mass Effect series? Leisure Suit Larry?

10 Needlessly Perverted Mainstream Games by The Game Reviews

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