GameDaily has posted their impressions (a short read) from their time spent with The Sims 3.  Nothing new, just mostly re-hashed information.

There are over 60 characteristics, of which, you may select five per character. These include a hatred for the outdoors, friendly, shy, couch potato and even kleptomaniac. What you choose ultimately shapes your created character’s lifetime goal. For example, it’s possible to be an evil genius that loves pets.

While that stuff sounds cool, we also love the seamless transitions from indoor to outdoor environments and vice versa. No longer will you suffer through a loading sequence. Instead, EA streams all of the content off the disc.

Gamers will also dig more user-friendly controls and tons of smaller goals that allow them to play for several hours or 30 minutes at a time. At least that way you can get your Sims fix before heading back to work.

GameDaily’s impressions of The Sims 3