Just how goofy can Sim fans be?  That is answered in a video found by SimOperations of the Sims 3 Creator Camp attendees.  In the video,VRevis is trying to understand the game “Jimmy Whoops”.

Trying to figure out Josh’s “Jimmy Whoops” game. Pictured: Lightside, teasingmeat, Decorgal, Darlene from SterlingSims, Ehaught58,TheSidDog, Josh from WorldSims, Ehaught’s wife. Not pictured: me, filming with the ol’ Canon Powershot after a couple $12 glasses of Riesling. Sorry about the camerawork. I blame strong California wine and low tolerance. Yes, it’s dark. It’s a LOUNGE.

Thanks for the find, SimOperations.  It’s always great to be able to poke fun at Josh from Worldsims (in which I am only joking and he’s super-cool as he’s responsible for hosting SimPrograms)  lol 😛