With 40 mini-games, the discoveries go on for quite a while – longer than necessary, actually, due to the repeat of mini-games in each festival (instead of a new batch of mini-games every time, which would have allowed players to unlock the full lineup much faster). The good news is that most of the mini-games are good, so fans of the genre won’t be bored by the moderate repetition.

If you play the genre frequently, however, there’s little chance that you’ll be blown away by what MySims Party has to offer. Most of the mini-games have been seen in other forms in other party games. The lack of freshness is a bit disappointing and might hurt the experience for players who buy every party game available. But if like the genre and play it more sparingly than others, MySims Party should fulfill your party game needs.

GameZone rates MySims Party DS a 7 out of 10