You know, I admire parents who take the time and sit down with their kids to play video games.  Not only is that being a smart parent in watching what your kids play, but also a cool one to boot for not being an old geezer!  😀  Here’s a mom’s view of SimAnimals on the Wii:

After playing the game for a bit I personally feel that if there was a game that was a mix between Viva Pinata and Nintendogs….this is it!

Players are able to farm and plant different types of trees and plants for your animals. Certain animals will try and eat the saplings and you must protect them if you want them to mature.

As in life, some species of animals eat other types as a food source. Let’s say you have a bear cub that eats rabbits, but you don’t want him to. You can train him/her as a baby to not eat rabbits, so when he grows up he will be a herbivore (plant eater). It does take a good amount of work on your part to achieve this, but it can be done!

Animals come in a few different colors, but nothing unusual. Bears are brown, rabbits are white and brown ect… If you are the type that love to have pink and purple animals have no fear! There are game missions you can complete that will give rewards that will allow you to change animals to special colors. Different missions have different rewards so there is no telling what all you can get!

Zergwatch – A mom’s view of SimAnimals