Man I wish I would of kept my SNES.  Best damn system in the world.  I even owned a copy of SimCity, which is what the following story is about.  Turns out this lucky person went to his local Play’N’Trade and bought a used copy of SimCity.  After he booted it up and played the game, he was able to do things most normal people can’t.  Two glitches in the game allows him to bulldoze water into land and spend as much money as he wants without it ever decreasing.

What he discovered was the way to enable the debug mode to stay on – even past a hard reset.   Here’s one member’s instructions to doing so:

*230958 &BMF54123> On the “See you soon!” screen, on controller 2:
*230958 &BMF54123> left, A, right, Y, up, B, down, X, select, start, start, select, R, R, L, L

Brought to you by BMF54123. The more you know.

I’d post a screenshot but this forum doesn’t allow that so feh

Also, sure enough; if you select “MEMORY SET”, then it’ll stay active even after a reset. So congratulations on inspiring the discovery of this game’s debug menu!

Pretty cool find, and it only took…what, 15 (18!) years to find?  😀

Check out his forum post here