Man I wish I would of kept my SNES.  Best damn system in the world.  I even owned a copy of SimCity, which is what the following story is about.  Turns out this lucky person went to his local Play’N’Trade and bought a used copy of SimCity.  After he booted it up and played the game, he was able to do things most normal people can’t.  Two glitches in the game allows him to bulldoze water into land and spend as much money as he wants without it ever decreasing.

What he discovered was the way to enable the debug mode to stay on – even past a hard reset.   Here’s one member’s instructions to doing so:

*230958 &BMF54123> On the “See you soon!” screen, on controller 2:
*230958 &BMF54123> left, A, right, Y, up, B, down, X, select, start, start, select, R, R, L, L

Brought to you by BMF54123. The more you know.

I’d post a screenshot but this forum doesn’t allow that so feh

Also, sure enough; if you select “MEMORY SET”, then it’ll stay active even after a reset. So congratulations on inspiring the discovery of this game’s debug menu!

Pretty cool find, and it only took…what, 15 (18!) years to find?  😀

Check out his forum post here

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HAHA, I also had a SimCity for Snes…
If only I still had it… lol


“Normally users had to enable to cheat each time. ”

Incorrect, the debug menu was previously entirely unknown. A few sites online mention a code for a “debug mode” which is different, but it doesn’t appear to work on any versions of the cartridge.


Thank you, CM. I removed that line. I wish I had the game to try this out…Makes me want to head out to Play-N-Trade to see what retro consoles they have. I do have SimCity on the Virtual Console, but with the SNES you had that old feeling that I don’t get from the Wii.

Actually, it took more than 17 years to find… the title screen has a 1991 copyright date. According to, SimCity SNES was released August 1991 in the US… April 1991 in Japan.

Pretty impressive, considering how Maxis and Nintendo both tend to be pretty open about leaking cheat codes.

Anyway, I’ve tested this on a copy of SimCity I have, and the Debug Menu definitely works. I just finished adding a brand new section to my SimCity SNES guide…

Hope you find it handy… I’ve got explanations of what each feature does and a list of the songs in the Sound Test menu. Could use some help filling in some of the blanks, if anyone else tries it out.


Amazing…I thought it came out in 92′, my mistake! I read your new section of the cheats on your site, nice breakdown 🙂 I too would love to give it a shot on the Wii but I’m in the same situation – 1 controller!