To start with, players can design the planet they want to use – design one properly that is, not just up the heat and so on. You can properly terraform the environment, sprinkling fjords all over the place like a young Slartibartfast and making the world cooler than MC Hammer’s pocketwatch if you want to. You can ever have entire water-worlds or deserts if that’s more your speed.

Once the world has been developed you can zoom in and start to litter it with content, either creating your own aliens and items for the job or pulling them from the Sporepedia. There are more than 64 million different bits of content uploaded to the central Sporepedia now and only half of them look rude, so there’s no shortage of props.

After you’ve set the scene with a few aliens and a smattering of cities then it’s time to start filling those occupants with something else – purpose! The adventure editor is mostly text driven when it comes to dialogue, but you’re not just limited to providing your actors with lines in your effort to make them into performing monkeys, you can also add certain behaviours.

Spore Galactic Adventures Preview