CVG has touched base with Spore senior producer Morgan Roarty on the future of Spore for the 2009 year.  Morgan stated that there are currently 4 Spore games in the work:  Spore Galactic Adventures (Spore’s first true expansion pack), Spore: Creature Keeper (standalone PC version aimed at the younger folks to raise and control creatures like Sim characters), Spore Hero (Wii) and Spore Hero Arena (DS).  Here’s a snippet from CVG:

The expansion’s targeting a “deeper variety of gameplay” based around Spore’s space stage, and the overwhelming majority of its new content will be created by the Spore community using new editing tools that’ll allow players to customise their own planets and create their own adventures to share with other gamers.

The studio’s also handling Spore: Creature Keeper, a standalone PC product targeted at a younger audience. Described as “like a mini-Sims” game, it will see players nurturing a newly born creature that has “Sims motives like energy and bladder”.

While this is all fine and dandy, I have a feeling there will be even more Spore…I mean there is still room for another expansion and possible 2-3 more parts pack!  But before they begin squeezing the franchise for all it’s work…Maxis please correct the DRM issue so you’ll stop getting bad press!  Oh, and a friendly word of advice, don’t consider Spore: Racing or Spore Sports.  That’ll just be overkill 😉

CVG will also have a preview for Spore Galactic Adventures coming up later today!  Thanks to Space Oddity’s Spore Blog for the tip!