Spore fans have been waiting on an official fix for a long time.  Those who are on the mission to destroy the Grox found out that they were not able to complete their tasks as some of the planets in the center of the galaxy were un-reachable.  You’d either have to cheat or use an un-official mod.  Well, MaxisCactus comes to the rescue and introduces an official ‘fix’ for the problem, calling it the Expanded Travel Radius Mod.  Here’s her post from the official Sporums:

We’ve released an official mod that will resolve the unreachable grox worlds issue:

Expanded Travel Radius Mod

This mod increases the travel radius when in the galactic core zone to 10 parsecs (a travel radius of 9.8 parsecs is needed to reach all the stars in the galactic core area). This mod will work with your current saved games.

To use it, save it to your Spore Data folder (C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Data). You’ll need to have updated to patch three in order to run this mod. If you patch your Spore game after using this mod, this file will be automatically deleted. To get the mod after patching, simply download it again.

This mod is available for both PC and Mac.

Download here

For the record, I added this official mod/patch to our Spore Patches page.  Enjoy!