One of Galactic Adventure’s key introductions likely to facilitate some more outlandish designs is the new jetpack, which enables players to bound across levels with ease. Currently the implementation is a little glitchy with the player more likely to fall through an object than find a steady footing. Seeing as so much of LittleBigPlanet’s joy comes from the reliable physics that powers the platforming, it appears there’s still a fair amount of work to prevent Spore’s user-created levels becoming frustrating chores.

But there’s still time to add the final polish to Galactic Adventures, as the build we were presented with is only in early alpha phase. Overall it’s hard not to be impressed by Spore’s first substantial update – if the inevitable flurry of expansions for Spore that are set to follow display even a modicum of the imagination that’s on show here, the future for Maxis’ game is very promising indeed.

IGN:  Spore Galactic Adventures preview