Did you know that Spore Galactic Adventure wasn’t technically the first expansion planned?  According to Spore senior producer Morgan Roarty, the first ‘true’ expansion was to introduce a storyline that would be told across the game’s 5 stages.

Reason why?  It’s because they really do listen to the community and take in the feedback of what we would like to see:

“This wasn’t our first idea for an expansion pack,” said Roarty, speaking to VideoGamer.com at a recent EA event. “The original idea, I can’t go into detail but it was more of a fiction that gets layered over all of the games. Every game had a little bit of a layer, some added fiction on top.

“But the assets just kept coming in, and the community feedback and the critics feedback was just, ‘More gameplay, more to do.’ I think this idea got born in the concept of making this editor, and it sort of took off from there. The original idea for the expansion pack is currently on the shelf.”

Now…if only we could get that DRM problem fixed *hint* *hint* 😉

Source:  VideoGamer.com