I got a chance to play a near-complete version of it today; it looks great. Fans of the series will recognize the SimCity 3000 look and feel, but the addition of touch screen controls makes sense for things like zoning (creating a certain type of building zone). Using the multi-touch capabilities of the iPhone to do things like zooming in and out of your city also makes the game a good fit for the device.

EA has already made two SimCity versions for Nintendo’s portable system, the Nintendo DS, but even though I have that device as well, I’m quickly finding the iPhone is becoming my go-top mobile gaming device. Part of it is because I always have the device on me, but it’s also that the iPhone is powerful, as you can tell from the fact that it can run this relatively advanced version of SimCity.

I swear that one day I’ll own an iPhone…when I can pick one up for next to nothing 😛

SimCity for the iPhone may ruin my life (in a good way)