I’ve always been curious on what game developers play and do in their spare time while working.  You have to keep in mind that even though us Simmers are fans of the game, developers don’t spend 24/7 on it.  They’ve got a life to live too!  DevBox takes a few minutes with one of the devs for MySims Kingdom and gets to know a little about their personal life:

1. What game has most influenced you, and why?

Hard question to answer! Nonetheless, I’ll have to go with “Final Fantasy IV” back on the SNES. Not only was it a game that really showed the legitimacy of videogames as a means for storytelling, it proved to me that game characters could be as compelling, charming, and memorable as counterparts in other media – even if they were simple, early 16-bit generation sprites. Seeing 5 little guys nod at each other in unison before journeying into the center of the moon had never felt so epic! I just remember being so psyched to be adventuring with such cool characters.

Anyway, despite “MySims Kingdom” being a very different game in a million ways, I hope we were able to recreate some of that feeling. As a player, I love spending my gameplay time hanging out with a bunch of characters that are engaging, iconic, and, ultimately, memorable.

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