BBC News published a story on Nancy Smith, the previous head of The Sims Division.  It discusses how she worked her way to the top and her life story.  Don’t mean to sound rude, but I didn’t find it that interesting…

So what of the future?

For Ms Smith it’s a new executive position within Electronic Arts as it downplays talk of a takeover following a dismal share price amid a gloomy economy.

For The Sims label, it is a new version of the game which is expected next year along with a Hollywood movie. For the industry as a whole, Ms Smith sees a major shift that was started by The Sims.

“It’s about connecting consumers. It’s not just creativity, but its the community element that has always been there with The Sims.

“Now people want that in all their entertainment. They want to be connected. They want to play with other people. They want to share. And I think that is really transforming the gaming business and the entertainment business.”

BBC News – The Game Girl