The visuals in MySims Kingdom are delightfully cheery; even the graveyards and gloomy goth kids manage to charm. By completing tasks, you’ll unlock dozens of outlandish outfits for your custom Sim to wear and even more themed objects to use in your construction. The music is also upbeat and relaxing. Each island usually has multiple tracks that fade in and out depending on your location. Like the Sims, the game’s characters speak in Simlish, a gibberish-sounding language that often adds a silly twist to conversations. The cute, expressive visuals and upbeat music, mixed with some humorous dialogue give the game a fun Saturday-morning-cartoon feel.

Finishing the main story should take about eight hours, though that could be doubled if you feel like hunting down every object and completing optional tasks. Despite the occasional camera or control snag, MySims Kingdom is a lot of fun and recommended for those new to The Sims or for anyone looking for a lighthearted, laid-back adventure.

Gamespot gives the game a 7.5 rating