Nickloveslamas from the Sims 2 BBS posted a few new details regarding what Maxis has added in The Sims 2 Mansion & Garden Stuff.  Here’s what Nick had to say:

I got Mansion Stuff today and think it is pretty darn good! There are quite a few new features I thought should have been added in an expansion!!! I was quite surprised they were added in a stuff pack. So, to make it short and sweet, here are a few reasons why you should get this pack!

1. New Roofing Options:

You all know the cheat, I’m sure, that came with University which lets you change the height of the roofs? While it is very nice, it wasn’t always so easy to use. Now, there is a whole new option in the roofing menu to click on any piece of roofing in your lot and change the size one by one. There is a slider that lets you pick the height and it is very easy!!! There are also several new roof patterns as well as the roof objects which we have seen in the pictures, all very nice.

2. New Architecture Menu in Build Mode:

You know all of the heating/cooling objects and crown moldings from AL and how it was rather hard to find all of them in buy mode? Well, Maxis added a new section in Build Mode called Architecture. In it, they took all of the AL objects and all of the new ones that came with Mansion Stuff (quite a few), and put them in one menu. Sounds simple, but it is so nice! It makes it very easy to find those objects and cleans up buy mode since most people are using those objects when they build houses anyways.

3. New Eco Opitions for Sims:

This pack comes with two new solar panels and a two tile windmill (like the one in the neighborhood) which can all be used on your lot. And, these objects actually give your Sims benefits! The more panels and windmills you have on a lot, the cheaper our bills are! It’s a win win situation.

There are just three reasons why this pack is a must have. Plus, you get quite a few new hairstyles, walls and floors, windows, doors, stairs, and more. Kids can slide down the new stair railings and there is also two new animations which have been discovered that Sims do. “Smell the flowers” “Shade eyes from sun”. Also, the three new ceiling fans are very nice! You can even set them to be on slow sped or high sped.

Hope this helps you guys get a better idea for this pack. The only thing I was kind of sad about was that there are no new trees. But, other than that it is a must have!