I don’t understand this.  I’ve been reading the fact that a few German sites/mags rated Spore in the 70’s, and they get called out as hating Spore.  Today, another review pops up thanks to GameStar.  They gave Spore a score of 79 and Voodoo Extreme quickly caught on to it.  Even the best of games still has flaws, Spore does not deserve a perfect 100 from everybody, so it shouldn’t be a big deal when it comes to scores in the mid 70’s.  It’s when the game earns a 5 and below when you should start to wonder if it is worth anything. 😛

If you are connected to the internet and once you have created an account, Spore will connect itself to other players. There is no multiplayer game, but Spore will populate your world with creatures made by others and make yours available to them. The network page offers the latest commentaries, and features certain creatures, buildings and vehicles. If you take Spore as a large construction kit where you can share your creations you will probably have more fun. Players of The Sims prefer creating houses or designing clothes to controlling the Sims, so it may have been logical to publish a piece of software that’s less a game and more of a construction kit. Was this focus an ingenious decision? Time will tell.

Gamestar – Review of EA’s huge construction kit game called Spore