Jeff Green of 1Up leaves to join The Sims TeamCatching up on some reading over at NeoGAF, I stumbled upon this following announcement:  1UP’s PC Editor-in-chief has taken on a new job…becoming a part of The Sims Team.  While I’m not familiar with Jeff’s work, I do not feel as bad as many of the other posters at GAF (that’s NeoGAF, Dude!).  But I do want to congratulate him as he has received his dream job!  Hope you are able to bring great things to The Sims division, Jeff!

That’s how we wind up here, saying goodbye to a best friend. Jeff told me that he loves everyone here, and will miss us, but that it’s leaving the Brodeo that more than anything is tearing him up. The good news is that he’ll still be able to listen to it each week as producer Andrew Pfister already confirmed that the show will continue — with Jeff now heckling with the rest of the regular listeners on the forum. And he’s got one more show in him; next week’s GFW Radio will be his going-away edition. While it’s hard not to be saddened by Jeff’s departure, we’re pretty damn excited for him. Getting to work on arguably the most prominent name in PC gaming, if not gaming in general, is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

1UP’s Jeff Green Joining the Sims Team