So, if you’ve ever dreamed of having your own private, lesbian cast of Charmed to play with—or thought Hermione Granger really should have hooked up with Cho Chang instead of Harry Potter—now you can make your own pet Sims versions to do with as you please. Create some dandy love potions in your cauldron and get to match-making!

The following article came across my RSS feeds this morning.  Since the readers of this site consist of a wide variety, I thought I would post this information.  GayWired published an article on The Sims 2 and covered the recent expansion pack, Apartment Life.  In the article, they give their thoughts of the game along with links, tools and hacks to make the game more “adult” friendly.  For those wanting to spice up your Sims life, I suggest you to read the article.  The article itself should be SFW (safe for work) but don’t venture on out past that.  It still could be safe for work, but I’m in a rush to finish with this mornings updates to check it out.

A Virtual Lesbian Life – Love and Magic in Sims 2: Apartment Life