SimCity Creator is a game that I’m looking forward to!  Especially after reading IGN’s preview on the game.  A while back, I mentioned how cool it would be to use the Wii Remote to cause a tornado disaster in a city.  Well, my dreams are coming true, because it will be possible!

The metropolitan areas of SimCity are always divided into commercial, residential, and industrial zones. Setting these zones is easier than ever as players click an area they want to serve as the zone’s center and pull back the remote to enlarge a perfect sphere to their liking. Each zone needs at least one power plant to keep the lights on. Placing a plant somewhere inside a zone is all that is required to provide power. However, you can build a power plant outside of a zone and still run electricity to it with power lines. You might want to do this if you build a fusion reactor, as they’re less stable than normal power plants and if a meltdown occurs you don’t want it happening in a heavily populated area.

Or maybe you do. Part of the fun of SimCity has always been destroying what you build, and Creator provides several new disasters to play around with. Most of these have been designed to use waggle controls. Tornados can be summoned by “swirling” the remote. Meteors are called by making sweeping downward motions. A giant hammer can be used to smash buildings to bits. A giant ball utilizes tilt controls. There are also UFOs, giant robots, and mysterious ghost hands that slap down skyscrapers. The latter is very weird, but Hudson is a Japanese developer, of course, and known to walk on the wacky side.

How sweet is that?!  I’ll be picking this game up on day 1.  Some other notes from the preview include the ability to draw your own roads (with curved roads finally being an option!), MySims advisors, and even an unlockable aircraft for you to fly around your city getting a better view.

IGN:  First Look at SimCity Creator for Wii