I stumbled on this webpage thru RSS feeds of my own.  It appears that a crafty user known as Felix has came up with an option for you to create your own RSS feeds of your Spore Creatures from the Sporepedia.  Below is a link as well as a tutorial on how you can create your own:

Pipes – Create your own Spore Creature RSS Feed

Oh, to find your Sporepedia id it’s a little bit annoying – you have to go to your spore profile page – you’ll see a link on the right side that says “show widget source” if you click that and search through the gobbldygook you’ll see userid=#### that’s your user id. Also, that’s a widget that uses their own xml feed and is prettier than the badge one above, so that’s a good option if you just want a widget, but I wanted to make an RSS feed because you get a lot more flexibililty with that. Anyhoo, let me know what you think.

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