You can find a brief hands-on from a pre-E3 showing of MySims Kingdom for the Nintendo Wii over at Kombo.  Here is a snippet of their article:

Although not exactly a graphical showpiece, Kingdom looks better than the original MySims. Graphics are sharper and the environments have more detail. Also, EA says that it’s are working to ensure there are less load times this time around. At EA’s pre-E3 2008 event, we saw three of the game’s areas, but the full game will have more (the number is undecided at this point, says EA). The demo we saw featured a medieval-themed land, an old western-style town and a nighttime tropical island. EA said that it wants the game’s kingdom to be like Disneyland — filled with numerous different areas and regions, each with its own instantly recognizable theme. From what we can tell, the dev is doing a good job of this goal.

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