A kind member over at the Gaming Steve forums compiled a Q&A from the event of Will Wright demo-ing Spore at the Apple Store:

Are there caves? my woIf pack will Iive in caves so I need to know.

Nope it didnt seem that there were any caves. During the creature phase you have a nest, which is your base of operations. It is where you can go refill health and where you will respawn if you die. Also, when at your nest, you can interact with creatures of your same species, and get them to follow you so you can hunt in a pack, etc.

In higher epochs did your species obtain clothes or do they stay the same for their entire existance?

In higher epochs there is no more creature evolution. But yes, you can put clothes on them. He showed this off, and put a helmet and shoulder pads on his creature during the civ phase.

What was Will saying about mimicking?

Mimicking is how you socialiize and make contact with other creatures. I’m not 100% sure of the mechanics, but if you have similar parts you will be able to mimic their movements, thus that purple bar when he socializes will fill up. One side is the other creature, one side is you.

[someone else]; Each species on the planet has a happiness meter with you. You can Mimic creatures movement by using charm. If you charm enough of that species then they will help you if they see you getting jumped or you can recruit them later to hunt. However if you tend to eat them a lot then they will run away or attack you. [It has also been mentioned you can use “allied” creatures nests to heal]

Why were you forced to turn off your camera?

Just a guy with an event staff shirt on came and said “Sir I am sorry but there is no video recording at this, you’ll have to put the camera away. ” So I did. The reason I had to stop recording had nothing to do with spore. The presentation was in the Apple store, and Apple doesn’t allow people to record videos in their store.

Have they kept bubble cities and the ability to beam down from your UFO and explore on foot?

During the demo he traveled to a magma planet and on it was an outpost inside a bubble from another alien civilization, so yes there are still bubble cities. He did not demo anything regarding beaming down on foot.

Did he mention whether or not you will be able to give your creatures guns and use them as infantry in civ and space phase?

You cannot do that. At the civilization stage, all of your interactions will be limited to the vehicles. Someone asked your exact question and he said that they originally had it to where you can control every individual creature, but that it felt way more complicated than the other stages. He said they got rid of it to make it feel in balance with the complexity of the rest of the game.

so, he said what you eat in the cell phase determines what you eat in the creature phase. Does the mouth not determine that in the full game? Or is it just for when you start in the creature phase that it makes that determination for you?

The latter. Whenever you mate in the creature phase it brings up the creature editor and you can spend your dna points on your creature and swap parts, add new ones, etc. He changed his creature that you see in the video to be a carnivore. Anyway, once youve spent your dna points you click ok, and the egg hatches and you play as the new offspring. You then have to eat and grow as the newer evolved generation. The eventual goal of the creature stage is to fully evolve your brain; once that is done your creature learns to use tools (in quite a hilarious cutscene) and then you enter the tribal stage.

Miscellaneous Info

Will Wright mentioned that they may add features like vegetation and tribal editors in the future ala Sims, but he didnt say for sure.

With economic cities, your city has the ability to produce trade ships and caravans. You set up trade routes and earn spice that way. I am not sure if you can conquer the world through economics, but my gut feeling from the rest of the demo was that you can (not verified though). [We know that all 3 styles are capable of achieving victory]

Will did not actually demo the military side, but he demoed the religious aspect. You build religious missionary vehicles that will drive up to cities (and are more effective against cities with lower happiness) and you will start converting the city. The advantage to this is that you will not destroy the city and have to rebuild it when it has been captured. It is also quite funny, the missionary vehicle project a large image of your species talking (like a televangelist kind of).

In the tribal stage you have a chief, which can cast special abilities. The one he demoed was a rainstorm which caused the plants to grow around the area for food. I do not know how you acquire these abilities. [An apparent example of the “super powers” you can get, according to different sources, actions in the prior phases effect what these powers are]

In the tribal stage all the tribes are different species. Will said while this is scientifically unlikely, it makes the gameplay more interesting since you can distinguish other races more easily, since you have to manage individual units at that level (it plays like an rts). It also is more aesthetically pleasing to have unique races.

Once you get to the civ phase, all of the nations are the same race. But the vehicles will look different (obviously), etc. There is also a music generator at this stage, and you can make at least your national anthem.

Once you have 2 or more cities in the civilization stage, you can build naval vehicles. All the vehicles have two common stats, hp and speed. There is also one specific stat depending on which vehicle type it is (religious, trade, or military). [Screenshots indicate air vehicles come once you have 5 cities]

In the space phase, you can get a fleet of ships for wars, but it is a federation fleet. You do not have ship production facilities (from what I saw) and you will be able to have your allies ships follow you. He said the capacity for large intestellar wars is definitely there. He also said they avoided creation any one stage to make it feel way more complicated than the others.

You can play as a space trader as well, buying different spices from different empires and selling at higher costs, etc.

You can get missions from different empires that will vary depending on the race. The one he showed was that we had to collect a certain creature specimen and return it to the empire’s planet. There was a little radar indicator that showed where we needed to go once we arrived on the correct planet. There will also be war missions.