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The Sims Mobile

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Surgeon Career in The Sims Mobile

How to Unlock the Surgeon Career in The Sims Mobile

A new quest is arriving in The Sims Mobile on the 28th March 2019 - the Mysteryious Benefactor Story (did someone at EA mis-spell something here?). This new quest will allow you to unlock the...

Unlock the Secret Agent Career with the Top Secret Mission Quest

A new quest will be arriving in The Sims Mobile this week! On Thursday 21st March 2019, you will be able to work through the top secret mission quest. What do you get for completing...

The Sims Mobile Celebrates One Year Anniversary with Limited Time Quest

Can you believe that The Sims Mobile officially launched a year ago now? That's right, the game is now celebrating its official one year anniversary. For those of you in Brazil, or other soft-launch countries,...
The Sims Mobile Fashionista Update

Fashionista Update Arrives for The Sims Mobile

Featuring Create-A-Sim 2.0, a new career, makeovers, and much more, this HUGE update has arrived for The Sims Mobile! The biggest update in a long time has arrived for The Sims Mobile this evening with...

Your Guide to the Quest for Love in The Sims Mobile

A new quest has launched in The Sims Mobile just in time for Valentines day (or in my case, forever alone day). You can feel the romance in the air with the limited time Quest...
Illamanati Limited Time Quest

New Illamanati Limited Time Quest Arrives for The Sims Mobile

It's time for a new limited time quest in The Sims Mobile, which started on January 24th 2019! Yes, that is yesterday, sorry for the late reporting of this quest! Illamanati themed (a very clever...

Winter Warm-Up Event Arrives in The Sims Mobile

Did you miss your chance in the past to get your hands on one of the shiny hot tubs in The Sims Mobile? Well, look no further as the Winter Warm-Up Limited Time event...

New Sims Mobile Update Prompts Backlash From Community

A new game update has been released for The Sims Mobile and usually this would be a very exciting time - new updates for the game in the past have brought us awesome things...

The Sims Mobile’s Halloween Haunt Event Overview

Presented by EA GameChangers. All views are my own. It's time to get spooky in The Sims Mobile with the Halloween Event of 2018 - the Halloween Haunt! At SimsCamp 2018, I was able to take...

Countdown to Halloween Quest Now Live in The Sims Mobile

It's time to get ready for the most spooktacular time of the year, and The Sims Mobile is here to help you get in the spirit! A new limited time event, Countdown to Halloween, has...