A new quest has launched in The Sims Mobile just in time for Valentines day (or in my case, forever alone day).

You can feel the romance in the air with the limited time Quest for Love. The lover’s rose, vase, and grand bouquet provide a head start bonus in next week’s Valentine’s Day themed activities! This particular quest begins Feb 7, 10AM local time – which means that it’s time to open your game and get playing!

Want to know all of the steps you need to complete and what you get for doing so? Check out the infographic below for your step-by-step guide to help out!

As mentioned, this will give you some new items and give you that all-important head start in the future Valentines Day themed activities.

The Sims Mobile Quest for Love Step-by-Step Guide
The Sims Mobile Quest for Love Step-by-Step Guide

Thanks to EA GameChangers for the above infographic.

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