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With the latest update for The Sims FreePlay, Falling for Fall, there is a new live event! In response to a previous player survey, FireMonkeys have shared that there was a demand for glamour and luxury living – so the answer to that is the Glamorous Getaway Live Event!

This live event runs for 10 days so you’ll need to be ready to craft items as quickly as you can to unlock prizes.

Live events can be quite difficult to complete everything in the time limit, so we have compiled this tutorial to show you everything that you can unlock, what materials you require, and the big grand prize – the Glamorous Getaway Mansion!

Glamorous Getaway Live Event

Glamorous Getaway – Items to Unlock

Below you can see all of the items from this live event in the order that they can be unlocked, alongside how many of each item you will need to craft!

There are ten items in total, with the grand prize being the magnificent glamorous getaway mansion for your Sims to live in!

Magnificent Marble

Requirements: 50 candles

Geometric Glamour Rug

Requirements: 1,200 candles and 5 constructor coins

Luxury Lamp

Requirements: 3,600 candles and 25 constructor coins

Fantastic Fiddle Leaf

Requirements: 10,900 candles, 8,500 pottery, and 80 constructor coins

Art Deco Aperture

Requirements: 16,075 pottery, 17,000 jewellery, and 150 constructor coins

Priceless Painting

Requirements: 14,500 candles, 11,300 pottery, and 105 constructor coins

Fancy Feasting

Requirements: 17,000 pottery, 18,000 jewellery, and 160 constructor coins

Sublime Stovetop

Requirements: 18,000 pottery, 19,000 jewellery, 19,000 glassware, and 165 constructor coins

Breathtaking Bar

Requirements: 20,000 pottery, 21,000 jewellery, 21,000 glassware, and 185 constructor coins

Glamorous Getaway

Requirements: Unlocked and claimed all previous items!

Once you have done all of this, you will have successfully completed the Glamorous Getaway live event!

Glamorous Getaway Mansion

Glamorous Getaway MansionNow that you have been able to claim the grand prize, the Glamorous Getaway mansion, your Sims will be able to enjoy the high life! It comes complete with the luxurious items you have recently unlocked alongside other high-end items.

Once claimed, you can place this on a lot in your world. The mansion is found under “Driveway Homes” category and it will take 20 hours to build once you have done this.

The mansion itself is a sight to behold and, as always, makes me extremely jealous of the architectural skills of The Sims FreePlay developers!

Take a look at some of the screenshots I have captured below!

Good luck with completing the live event, there’s a lot of items that need to be crafted so you’ll want to be ready from the get-go! You can check our list of upcoming event dates so you can be prepared!