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The Sims FreePlay team never take a moments rest it seems, as another game update has arrived just in time to kick off Autumn!

This game update, Falling for Fall, is focused around getting your Sims’ homes ready for autumn and getting your hands on harvest decor! There’s new live events, event re-runs, SimChase events, and more!

A survey appeared in-game earlier this year and the community voted for glamour and luxury as a theme they wanted in a future update. The team have delivered and your Sims can also look forward to living the VIP lifestyle in the latest live event and influence island!

Let’s dig into some of the key things that are in this update! If you’re looking for a breakdown and dates/times of all events, you can read this blog post!


Base Game Improvements

New Inbox Notifications – a new inbox system has arrived, which is displayed as an envelope icon in the bottom right navigation. It will notify you when Sims finish actions, work shifts, construction finishes and more.

Sims FreePlay Inbox

Active Tasks Menu Refresh – The Active Tasks menu is now more like a calendar so it’s easier to navigate and you can see what live events are coming up next and what you can look forward to! There’s two tabs now: active and upcoming and this will turn into a countdown when there’s less than 24 hours until the event.

New Active Tasks View

SimChase Seasons 47 and 48

If you are craving an autumnal palette to pumpkin spice-ify your home, you’ll want to pay attention to SimChase Season 47: fall Feud and Season 48: Autumn Aversion.

In Season 47, you’ll unlock rewards perfect for creating an outdoor harvest display including textured rugs, trays of pumpkins, cornstalks with flowers, a wreath, rocking chairs and outfits!

With Season 48, you can add notes of colour detail including giant wall wreaths, collections of kitchen clutter, a farmhouse kitchen sink, retro fridges and casual outfits. This particular season certainly feels a lot more geared for interior decorations!

SimChase Season 29

Glamorous Getaway Live Event

The main live event for this update is Glamorous Getaway, which was created in response to the feedback survey earlier in the year.

You can live the celebrity lifestyle and unlock the Glamorous Getaway mansion lot! This will feature gold-plated furniture and luxury decorations. You’ll need to craft resources to progress through the event to unlock various prizes.

These include:

  • Marble wallpaper & flooring
  • Floor lamp with plant decoration
  • Giant marble kitchen table, matching dining chairs 
  • Premium kitchen cabinets & benchtops
  • Gold smart fridge with ice dispenser interaction!
  • Art deco arched glass doors & window frames
  • Giant portrait paintings and much more!

Read the How To Guide by TheGirlWhoGames for all the details about completing a Live Event. We’ve also created a separate post showing you everything you need to know about this live event – so be sure to check it out!

Glamorous Getaway Live Event

Influence Island – Seasons 29 and 30

In Influence Island Season 29, you can get closer to winning an exclusive grand prize to create breathtaking interiors and spaces with elegant furniture and homewares. The prizes include:

  • Wall sized entertainment unit with hidden TV screen
  • Lavish giant modular & corner couches
  • Golden room partitions 
  • Geometric bookshelf displays
  • Designer outfits for Female Sims and much more!

Taking inspiration from Season 12, the new Season 30 allows you to convert your Sims’ basement into a wine cellar in all new colour variants – complete with bottles in wracks on shelves! There’s also decorative lighting, L-shaped wine bottle storage, flooring and wallpaper, kitchen bench tops, and even a fancy cheeseboard!

Influence Island

Halloween Chocolatier Hobby Event

The Halloween Chocolatier Hobby Event is being re-run so you have a chance to prepare for a ghostly party in-game! You can earn a range of costumes and gingerbread furniture packs.

If you have already completed this in the past, you’ll not see it appear. But, if you didn’t get the chance to unlock everything, you’ll only have to create chocolate for remaining packs.

Time to Update your Game!

Phew, that was a lot of things to cover! The Falling for Fall Update certainly has a lot of content for you to sink your teeth into over the coming weeks.

As always, we have a complete schedule available of all of the playable event dates for the updates and this highlights which ones are brand new versus re-runs. You can view this here!

Happy Simming!

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