The Sims FreePlay never fails to surprise us and, on this occasion, has brought a brand new collaboration to the game for a live event!

That’s right – LEGO Dots is the focus of the latest live event in the You DOT You Update!

Check out the official blog post below from the website, and you can update your game now to start taking advantage of this. The LEGO Dots 7-day event is available from the 13th June 2022 – 24th July 2022.

The LEGO Dots Free Pack is also available during this time.

Official Blog Post

Explore the wonderful world of LEGO® DOTS in the latest update of The Sims FreePlay! The tiles pieces are an inspirational way to give you the freedom to express your unique personality and passion for styling your mood and look. From friendship bracelets to wall hanging masterpieces, your Sims will love standing out and expressing their individuality through mixing and matching bright colors and patterns! 

You DOT You

LEGO® DOTS x The Sims™ Live Event

Experience DOTS for yourself by crafting your way through the 7-daylive event! Playable from Level 7, everyone can earn a huge range of branded items and unlock the fun ‘You DOT You’ grand prize house lot! It’s a vibrant yet cozy family home and showcases the endless possibilities of creatively designing with LEGO®. The multistory layout features a big backyard with a pool; children’s rooms dedicated to LEGO® DOTS inspired décor; decked out with gaming consoles, beanbags and more for tween and teenage Sims to play and have fun!  

LEGO® DOTS Free Pack

Get your hands on the limited time free pack, filled with exclusive LEGO® DOTS inspired items that are sure to inspire creativity in any room! The pack includes:

  • LEGO® DOTS ‘Gamer’ & ‘Candy’ Wallpapers
  • Two matching carpet floors
  • Plus, a pencil & pen case drawing set complete with DOTS key rings and stick-on patches for your Sims! 

Read our special LEGO® DOTS blog with all the exclusive details! 

Juneteenth Commemoration

To honor and commemorate an important date for our Black and African American community, we’ve created a free pack for Juneteenth. We want you to feel seen and be able to create Sims that better represent you! Please enjoy two diverse hairstyles in four new color variants, free to redeem from the Online Store between 13-23 June.

Sim Springs – New Neighborhood

Last June in our Coastal Living update, we launched a brand-new feature called Sim Springs. We have been hard at work creating the highly anticipated next neighborhood on the map for you to continue creating places to build without demolishing your favorite lots in SimTown! 

This update introduces Palm Promenade – located adjacent to Sandy Suburbs. The new location has four “fixer upper” lots that all need a little bit of love, so it’s time to renovate! As you upgrade and improve the town to make it a better place for your Sims to live, you’ll see visual upgrades that transform it into a real oasis.

You may remember that the fourth lot in the neighborhood is a special one – a brand new ‘Community Lot’ type! Palm Promenade delivers ‘Barter Boardwalk,’ a stunning strip of shops with multi-story levels, so your Sims can enjoy shopping at plant stores, gift shops, organic grocers, bookstore, apparel (or even live the fantasy of running a small business)! 

There are many rewards for upgrading Sim Springs, which also include brand new Sim autonomy skills! Sims of all age groups will be able to try on random outfits at wardrobes, use a landline phone and admire most decorations once you’ve unlocked these.

Visit the bus stop in SimTown to travel to Sim Springs. If you’ve completed the first Sandy Suburbs neighborhood, then Palm Promenade will be available to commence right away! You’ll first need to unblock the street that connect the neighborhoods together, but for the rest of the rundown, we’ve updated our Sim Springs FAQ with all the latest information.

Influence Island Event – Season 27

If you’ve ever dreamt of travelling the world, collecting souvenirs from every place you’ve been and putting them on display so you can relive the wonderous memories, then you’ll love our latest Influence Island event. Launching the update, Season 27 delivers unique bedroom and laundry prizes that will fit right into your Sims décor to create a comforting and inspiring home space. Don’t miss the industrial side table and freestanding mirror, newspaper piles, hanging shelves with worldly memorabilia, storage trunk and a new laundry suite!

Head over to our Influence Island FAQ for all the tips and tricks here!

SimChase Events – Season 43 & 44

Immerse yourself through home decorating with more eye catching, worldly décor from SimChase Season 43: Wanderlust Wrangle. Race against a rival to continue unlocking eclectic items that inspire thoughts of travel and exploration, like rugs with a compass design, photo wall montage, travel suitcase, passport and map brochure pile, metal shelves with souvenirs, industrial furnace and hanging firewood display, and new kitchen island, cabinets and benchtops! 

Life is full of giggles for toddlers and preteens, and you can have some big fun with your little ones with rewards from SimChase Season 44: Imagination Altercation! Design your own playroom where your Sims can get creative with a train set, low table and chairs, colorful storage tubs, hanging air balloon mobile, cute mountain wallpaper and more. 

Read our EA Creator The Girl Who Games’ guides to unlocking toddlers and unlocking preteens ! 

Plus, if you need any tips and tricks to completing a SimChase event, check out our frequently asked questions here.