A new game update brings new playable events for The Sims FreePlay!

For June and July 2022, we see the introduction of the LEGO Dots x The Sims live event, which is incredibly exciting, as well as new Influence Island and SimChase seasons!

There’s a new re-runs on the agenda too including the “Mean Curls” hair hobby event, and more.

Here are the playable event dates for this update (all dates in PST):

  • NEW LEGO® DOTS x The Sims Live Event: 7-day event starting from 13 June – 24 July
  • NEW LEGO® DOTS Free Pack: Available from 13 June – 24 July
  • NEW Sim Springs Palm Promenade (Neighborhood 2): 65-day event starting anytime from 13 June
  • NEW Influence Island Season 27 Travel Bedroom & Laundry: 10-day event starting from 13 June
  • NEW Juneteenth Free Pack: Available from 13 June – 23 June
  • NEW SimChase Season 43 Wanderlust Wrangle: 9-day event starting from 21 June
  • ‘Woodworking Country Homestead’ Player Favorite Event: 10-day event starting from 28 June
  • NEW Maternity Pack 28: Start a 9-day pregnancy event between 29 June – 7 July and successfully complete all goals to win maternity rewards!
  • NEW SimChase Season 44 Imagination Altercation: 7-day event starting from 4 July
  • Influence Island Season 8 Scandi V2: 10-day event starting 12 July
  • ‘Mean Curls’ Hair Hobby Event: 7-day event starting from 17 July
  • SimChase Season 27 Diner Duel: 7-day event starting from 17 July
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